Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: How do I prevent dirt from clogging the riser pipe?

Answer: To prevent dirt from falling into the riser pipe after removing the sprinkler head, simply place the handle that comes with your SRT™ in the riser pipe which will plug the hole. If you risers are very deep then you should use a half inch dowel rod to plug the riser instead of the handle because the SRT™ handle may be to short and fall down into the riser. If the handle does not fit then you can use a 7/16 inch or a 3/8 inch dowel rod which you should be able to find at your local hardware store to use to plug the riser.

2. Question: What do I do if only the head unscrews from the sprinkler?

Answer: In the event that only the head comes off, leave the sprinkler head inserted into the larger end of the SRT™. Use the other end of the SRT to now unscrew the body out of the ground. This is the reason that the SRT™ is flared on both ends. Then remove the sprinkler body and use it to retrieve the sprinkler head by screwing it onto the sprinkler head, then use a back-and-forth motion to free the head from the tool.

3. Question: When I insert the replacement sprinkler head, how do I align the threads easier?

Answer: When your system uses flexible riser pipes the riser may fall over and make aligning the threads difficult. To resolve this simply unscrew the top from the body of the sprinkler taking the insides out. Next insert either the SRT™ handle or a 1/2" dowel rod into the riser pipe (Note: if your supply line is very deep then do not use the handle of the SRT™ to align the sprinkler, it will fall down into the riser pipe and be nearly impossible to retrieve, use a long 1/2" dowel rod instead) Then drop the new body onto the handle/dowel and start turning clockwise, this should align the new sprinkler body with the threads and prevent cross-threading. After the new body is snug, remove the handle/dowel and insert the mechanism and top back into the body. Use the SRT™ to snug down the new head, being careful to prevent over tightening.

4. Question: What do I do if the sprinkler head is to small for the SRT™ that I am using?

Answer: Removing a sprinkler head that is too small for the SRT™ may be possible by applying very firm downward pressure and turning the SRT™ counter clockwise. This will usually remove a smaller sprinkler head but may not work all of the time. What this is doing is the soil around the sprinkler compresses inside of the flared pipe causing the soil to grip the sprinkler head. The best fix is to either purchase the right SRT™ for your heads (if your sprinklers are too small for the SRT-1000 contact us for a remedy) or replace the sprinkler head with a different model to fit your SRT™.

5. Question: How to I repair a broken riser pipe?

Answer: To repair a broken riser pipe the use of a shovel is unavoidable, using the SRT™ minimizes the possibility of a broken supply line or riser pipe but it can still happen.

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