The Economy Series SRT Designed for use
by the average home owner
Economy Series Product Photo
  • Anodize Aluminum Coating
  • Patented Flare Design to Grip Lawn Sprinkler Heads
  • Waterproof Vinyl Label

The Economy Series is perfect for the DIY'er and the average homeowner alike.

$49.95 + S&H

The SRT Sprinkler Removal Tool® will render your lawn sprinkler removal, replacement and repair virtually effortless. The SRT™ accommodates a large variety of lawn sprinkler heads sizes from 1-3/4” all the way up to 2-3/4”. To determine the diameter of your sprinkler head is simply use a ruler or a tape measure to measure across your sprinkler head at the widest point (Click Here For More Info About Measuring Sprinkler Heads). Whether you have a small yard containing only a few pop-up lawn sprinkler heads, or a lawn sprinkler irrigation system covering several acres demanding numerous rotor style lawn sprinkler heads, such as a golf-driving-range or a municipal park, the Sprinkler Removal Tool, is the perfect lawn sprinkler removal and repair tool. No more digging or getting down in the water and mud to replace or repair a damaged pop-up or rotor sprinkler lawn sprinkler head.

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